Voices of Airway - Episode 1
Howie Hindin
Voices of Airway is a new podcast hosted by Peter Beckwith and produced by Mad Rose Media. The first episode features a very special guest, Howie Hindin. Peter assigned Howie the nickname of The Godfather of Airway and it stuck!
In this episode, Howie presents a vision of hope and inspiration to listeners, encouraging them to breathe life into their 2023 goals and aspirations. He shares his own experiences and insights on the topics of airway development, optimal health and collaborative care. He walks listeners back to the early days of his career and offers valuable advice and guidance to anyone looking to be on the leading edge of airway centered medicine.
Throughout the podcast, Peter and Howie engage in a lively and informative conversation, delving deep into the complexities of airway management & collaborative care as they discuss the challenges and rewards of this critical aspect of healthcare.
Overall, Voices of Airway is an informative and engaging podcast that provides a unique perspective on the world of airway management. This program is a must-listen for anyone looking to make a positive impact in the field.
Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out in the field, this podcast is sure to provide valuable insights and inspiration for your work in the coming year.