Voices of Airway - Episode 2
Tim Yu
Voices of Airway is a new podcast hosted by Peter Beckwith and produced by Mad Rose Media. This episode features Tim Yu. Tim recently took over Bill Hang's orthodontic practice in Southern California and represents the new generation of airway providers.
In this episode, Tim offers a unique perspective on the future of the airway movement and how younger practitioners can take advantage of the changes occurring in healthcare. He shares his personal experience with discovering his own airway challenges and how it helped move him in the direction of an airway focused career.
Throughout this episode, Peter pushes Tim to talk about the challenges and rewards that come with starting a career in the airway space. Tim responds by getting transparent about his hopes, dreams and fears while presenting an inspiring vision for the next generation.
Voices of Airway is an informative and engaging podcast that provides a unique perspective on the world of airway management. This program is a must-listen for anyone looking to make a positive impact in the field.