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Treacher Collins Syndrome
Reza Movahed DMD FACS (@movahedoms) recently posted an Instagram update that stirred considerable excitement. It centered around a compelling case of a patient with Treacher Collins Syndrome. It is a 3 part post. 2 carousels & a video.
All of that content and the caption we wrote is included in this email.
Capturing Attention
Dr. Movahed's post follows a fundamental principle that all skilled marketers understand – capturing attention is key to gaining more followers. It's not solely about the quantity of posts; it's about the quality, uniqueness, and the questions those posts answer for your audience.
Carousel 1 - On INSTAGRAM @movahedoms
Sharing Cases That Stand Out
Dr. Movahed's strategic aim is to attract more medical professionals, particularly premier providers nationwide, to follow him on Instagram. Why? Because he thrives on complex cases, the ones that demand a specialist's touch. He aims to be the go-to expert for situations that many might shy away from or simply cannot handle. He relishes the challenging cases, and that's precisely what he showcases on his social media.
Carousel 2 - On INSTAGRAM @movahedoms
Taking Time to Tell The Story
Joanna was "completely ankylosed" before surgery. Her jaw had zero movement or opening.

As a result of Treacher Collins syndrome and complications from previous surgical procedures, she was also suffering from SEVERE obstructive sleep apnea as well as head, neck and jaw pain.

Treacher Collins Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that disrupts facial bone and tissue development. It often creates complex facial abnormalities, speech difficulties, and hearing impairments.

In a previous surgery, "mesh" was applied to Joanna's skull in an effort to address craniofacial abnormalities. The mesh interfered with Joanna's jaw joint function resulting in ankylosis. The mesh also extended under her eyes near the optic nerve which put her sight at risk.

As Dr. Movahed evaluated Joanna's case, he concluded that the mesh used in the previous surgery had fused to Joanna's skull which created risks for the surgery he wanted to perform. Together, Joanna and Dr. Movahed decided to accept the risks and go forward with the procedures.

Dr. Movahed performed a Bilateral Total Joint Replacement, LeFort 1 Segmental Osteotomy and Genioplasty.

Joanna needed a feeding tube and her vision was blurry after the surgery. The tube was removed and her vision cleared up.

Her airway is now significantly larger, the range of motion in her jaws has increased significantly and her pain levels are down. She is in physical therapy to strengthen her jaw muscles and improve her oral function.

We are so proud of the courage Joanna has shown throughout the process and grateful to her for allowing us to be part of her journey!
Long captions can be very effective.
Here is the one we wrote for Dr. Movahed.
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